Grid Zine Fest

I’ve been trying to stop my endless scrolling on my phone at night. Often I’ll be waist deep in the murky depths of Facebook by the time I realize that I’ve even pulled my phone out. My replacement activity to social media has been reading, but sometimes I feel intimidated by the length of a book.  My attention will start to wander before I’ve even picked the book up. Sometimes I read essays online, but it’s just too easy to open up a new tab and fall in the similarly murky depths of Youtube. So after much trial and error, I am pleased to tell you that I’ve found my perfect social media replacement, zines.

Zines are short so there’s no length intimidation. And they give me the connection that I want from social media, without the the stress from the seemingly perfect lives of instagram or the terror of reading the political opinions of acquaintances on Facebook.

So I’ve been reading zines.

And I care about you, so I want to tell you about the ones I’ve loved the most.

    • Pillar of Salt (Number 2) Pillars of Salt is put together by Salt Lake local, Sarah Faulkner, and reading it is like being a guest at a celestial tea party. After reading it, I felt that each of the authors had become my close personal friend. Each story, or poem, or drawing leans in and invites you to eat lunch with them. It’s inclusive and intimate and there’s a lovely piece by Fellow Shop founder, Hannah Montgomery.

    • Basic Paper Airplanes (Issue 10) One man’s tale of tying to make a living from writing words. Joshua James tells about the ups and down of pursuing a dream while try to keep his integrity. It’s funny, heartfelt, sad, and honest. I loved it.

    • Women In Sound (Issue 5) This zine takes a look at the lives and stories of women who have devoted themselves to sound. There are recording artists, sound engineers, and producers. Each interview begins with a beautiful black and white illustration of its subject. I particularly like the conversation with Rachel Alina, who is a mixing engineer in Brooklyn and introduced me to a side of music that I didn’t know much about before.

    • Self Care In Uncertain Times  Written directly after the 2016 presidential election, this zine is a gentle guide to recenter yourself and live a more intentional and peaceful life There are recipes, daily practices and beautiful words to settle your mind. After reading it, I sat on my porch with a cup of tea and reflected on the forces of change in life, and how I can respond to them.

If you are already a lover of zines, you may already know about Grid Zine Fest.  But if not, I’ll let you in on a wonderful not-so-secret event. Grid Zine Fest is a zine and comix fest happening right here in good ol’ Salt Lake City. It will take place at Gallivan Hall on Saturday April 13 from 11 AM- 5 PM.

If you haven’t gotten into zines, but would like to, we’ve always got some in the shop. And this year we get to host a pre-reading party before Zine Fest! It will be held at the shop from 7-9 on April 12th. It will be lots of fun, whether you are a connoisseur of zines or are completely new to them!

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